Biomod Organs

  • Andraste: Grants the ability to breathe Martian air. (Cost: +5)
  • Bio-Booster: Spend a Fate Point to get +2 to Athletics and Physique for a scene. At the end of the scene, gain a consequence to represent the physical stress. (Cost: +5)
  • Boosted Heart: Get +2 to Physique rolls relating to endurance. (Cost: +5)
  • Flesh Pocket: A secret pouch in the body that can conceal an item up to a pound in weight. (Cost: +2)
  • Liver Upgrade: Get +2 to Physique rolls to resist toxins. (Cost: +5)
  • No-Shock Glands: Spend a Fate Point to ignore physical consequences for one scene. At the end of the scene, worsen the severity of one consequence. (Cost: +5)
  • Retinal Enhancement: Gives +2 to Notice rolls concerning vision. (Cost: +4)


  • Brain Boosters: Get +2 to Athletics rolls to dodge incoming attacks, regardless of speed. (Cost: +6)
  • Nerve Boosters: Get +2 to Notice to determine turn order in physical conflicts. (Cost: +6)
  • Respirocytes: Get +2 to Physique rolls to resist fatigue and hold breathe. (Cost: +6)


  • Virtual Interface Implant: Allows for superior teleoperation and virtual-reality experience and can act as a cybershell for an AI. (Cost: +3)
  • Sensory Implant: Translates sensory perceptions and surface thoughts into digital form and vice versa. (Cost: +5)
  • Puppet Implant: Allows for remote control of a person’s body. (Cost: +5)


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