Infomorph Templates

Infomorphs have no physical stress track, can’t take physical consequences, and cannot have the Physique skill. These are provided by their shell (which is represented by a stunt). All infomorphs have the following stunt:

Stunt: Digital Backup
When you are taken out, you can be restored from backup into a new shell.

Sapient AI (SAI) (2066)

SAIs will usually have an aspect referencing their owner or legal guardian, unless they are a citizen of some place (the European Union, Islamic Caliphate, Luna City, Seventh Heaven) that recognizes them as a person or are an emergent intelligence. This aspect can be compelled to make them act in the interests of their owner or guardian, as they have been programmed to do so. All SAIs can also have their aspect compelled to reflect their status as second-class citizens or property in places where they are not accorded full legal rights.

Aspect: Sapient AI (SAI)
Invoke: You have a computer’s speed with calculations and complex problem analysis.
Compel: You are not human and sometimes have difficult relating to them.

Skills: Your top skill must be Cybertech.

Aspect (optional): Shadow
Invoke: You are adept at pretending to be the person whose memories you have.
Compel: Your emulation of the person is imperfect and you tend to ignore the gaps.

You must pick one of these three aspects:

Aspect: Restrictive Programming
Invoke: You are considered trustworthy because of your programming.
Compel: You are programmed to obey the law.

Aspect: Rogue
Invoke: You are considered trustworthy by those who don’t know you are rogue.
Compel: You are not trusted by those who discover you are rogue.

Aspect: Emergent Intelligence
Invoke: You are considered trustworthy by those who don’t know you are an EI.
Compel: You will be hunted for destruction or capture if you are discovered to be an EI.

Ghost Mind Emulation (2076)

Ghosts may have an aspect representing a legal guardian or owner if they are from China, India, or the Transpacific Socialist Alliance.

Aspect: Ghost
Invoke: You are afforded more rights than most informorphs.
Compel: You run into problems with people who don’t recognize you as being the same person you were before.

Fragment Mind Emulation (2076)

Fragments must have an aspect representing their legal guardian or owner.

Aspect: Fragment
Invoke: You are treated as the person you are emulating by those who don’t realize you are a fragment.
Compel: Your memories are incomplete.

Infomorph Templates

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