Bioroid Templates

Most bioroids will have an aspect referencing their legal guardian, unless they are old enough to have achieved majority or are a citizen of a place (the European Union, South African Coalition, Luna City, Seventh Heaven) that grants them full rights. All bioroids can have their template aspect compelled to reflect their status as second-class citizens in places where they do not have full legal rights.

Felicia (2076)

TS 116. Created as pleasure model and bodyguard.

Aspect: Felicia Bioroid
Invoke: You are designed to be graceful, athletic, and have acute senses.
Compel: You are obviously inhuman (fur, tail, feline features), tend towards overconfidence, and need more sleep than a human.

Stunt: Natural Weapons
You get a +2 on unarmed Fight rolls due to your claws and sharp teeth.

Stunt (optional): Emergency Overdrive Response
You get +2 to all Athletics and Fight rolls for the rest of the scene. If you don’t spend a Fate point, at the end of the scene you acquire the mild consequence Mood Swings or Heightened Appetites.

Skills: Your top skills have to be Athletics, Fight, and Notice.

Hamlin (2085)

BD 121. Created by MI-6 for infiltration.

Aspect: Hamlin Bioroid
Invoke: You are handsome, charismatic, and composed with a beautiful voice.
Compel: You will likely be mistrusted if anyone figures out what you are.

Stunt: Calming Pheromones
You get a +2 to Rapport rolls to put people at ease.

Skills: Your top skills must be Rapport, followed by Deceive and Contacts.

Incubus (2084)

TS 117. Variant of ZR-7 for use as pleasure model.

Aspect: Incubus Bioroid
Invoke: You are designed to be beautiful, lithe, empathic, and need little sleep.
Compel: All Incubi look the same and can be lecherous and overly familiar.

Stunt: Hermaphromorph
You can change your apparent and functional gender (or be both at once) and are designed to be physically responsive to sexual partners and adapt to their desires, giving a +2 to Empathy or Rapport rolls involving sex or seduction.

Skills: Your top skills have to be Athletics, Empathy, and Rapport.

Sea Shepherd (2080)

TS 116. Create for aquatic environments.

Aspect: Sea Shepherd Bioroid
Invoke: You have been designed to operate in aquatic environments.
Compel: Your appearance (smooth gray, mottled, or black skin; webbed fingers and toes) may be off-putting to some.

Stunt: Amphibious
You can spend long periods of time underwater without breathing and are resistant to pressure and cold at depth.

Stunt: Natural Swimmer
Your slender, streamlined body is particularly well suited to swimming. Get a +2 bonus to Athletics rolls when in the water.


FW 120. Created for combat.

Aspect: Spartan Bioroid
Invoke: You are strong, pain-resistant, and have sharpened reflexes.
Compel: You are unattractive and known to be a dangerous combat bioroid.

Stunt: Reinforced Skeleton
You were designed to be able to lift and carry very heavy weights, allowing you to operate heavy infantry support weapons alone. You get +2 to Physique rolls involving lifting or carrying.

Skills: Your top skill has to be Physique. Your next two skills have to be Fight and Shoot.

Tiaoqi (2086)

ITW 87. Created as an enforcer or bouncer by Martian Triad.

Aspect: Tiaoqi Bioroid
Invoke: You are very strong, tough, physically intimidating, and implacable.
Compel: You are callous, hidebound, ugly, and have a grating, harsh voice.

Skills: Your top skill has to be Physique.

Valkyrie (2088)

ITW 87. Created for pleasure and combat by Martian Triad.

Aspect: Valkyrie Bioroid
Invoke: You are beautiful and fit, have excellent reflexes and a high pain threshold.
Compel: You have poor impulse control, resulting in a bad temper, lecherousness, and gluttony.

Stunt: Dominance Pheromones
You get +2 to Provoke when used to intimidate anyone with a sense of smell.

Stunt: Sexual Pheromones
You get +2 to Rapport for purposes of seducing anyone with a sense of smell.

Skills: Your top must by Athletics.

Xenocop (2089)

FW 120. Created for law enforcement and paramilitary.

Aspect: Xenocop Bioroid
Invoke: You are alert, tough, and fast.
Compel: You are selfless in pursuit of your duties.

Skills: Your top skills must be Contacts, Athletics, and Rapport.

ZR-3 (2070)

TS 117. Created for Mars colonization.

Aspect: ZR-3 Bioroid
Invoke: You are designed to be adapted to Mars, are generally athletic and healthy, and need little sleep.
Compel: You have difficulty with Earth gravity and tend to be a workaholic.

ZR-5 (2075)

TS 117. Created for work in zero-G or microgravity.

Aspect: ZR-5 Bioroid
Invoke: You are designed to operate in zero-G and microgravity.
Compel: You have trouble with higher gravity, tend to be a workaholic, and have a distinct appearance (light-gray skin, blue hair, suckers on fingers and toes).

Stunt: Suckers
You have small suckers on your fingers and toes, allowing you to cling to things in low gravity. You gain +2 to Athletics rolls in zero-G or microgravity.

ZR-7 Tianyi (2072)

TS 117. Created for social interface.

Aspect: ZR-7 Tianyi Bioroid
Invoke: You are designed to be beautiful, friendly, attentive, and need little sleep.
Compel: All Tianyi look the same, can be overly ingratiating, and tend to be workaholics.

Skills: Your top skill has to be Rapport.

Bioroid Templates

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