Character Creation

Five aspects:

  • Template: This aspect is some variation of human, bioroid, artificial intelligence, or ghost and should reference the specific model, where applicable.
  • Trouble: This is the same as FATE Core but often represents an issue with your template (an AI may be emergent or rogue, a bioroid may have a legal guardian, or a ghost may be just a fragment).
  • Origin: This aspect references where you are from. It can be as specific as the city or even neighborhood you grew up in or something much broader, like being a Gypsy Angel.
  • Meme: This aspect specifies a meme you subscribe to, some ideology or viewpoint.
  • Profession: This aspect references what you do or are trained for.

Stunts refer to equipment, modifications, and implants.

In addition to Physical and Mental stress, there is Wealth stress modified by Resources.

Character Creation

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