"Wolf" Volkov

Duncanite Freehauler



  • Template: Tennen II Parahuman
  • Trouble: Informant for the GRA
  • Origin: Main Belt Homesteader
  • Meme: Green Duncanite
  • Profession: Freehauler


  • Athletics +1
  • Contacts +2
  • Cybertech +3
  • Deceive +2
  • Drive +4
  • Notice +1
  • Rapport +1
  • Resources +2
  • Shoot +3
  • Will +1


  • Retinal Enhancement: +2 to Notice rolls involving vision
  • Bio-Booster: Spend a fate point to get +2 to Athletics and Physique for a scene. At the end of the scene, gain a consequence to represent the physical stress.
  • Nerve Booster Nanosymbionts: +2 to Notice for determining turn order in physical conflicts

Anya or Anatoly Volkov was born to Duncanite settlers in the Main Belt and has lived their life hauling cargo between asteroids. Five years ago, they got a job hauling illegal bioroids.

Born in 2079 as a Tennin II parahuman on a main belt miner homestead.

"Wolf" Volkov

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