Sigi Adler

Resurrected Spymaster



  • Template: Ghost in a Necromorph Bioshell
  • Trouble: Survivor’s Guilt
  • Origin: Born in Germany
  • Meme: Preservationist
  • Profession: GRA Spymaster


  • Athletics +1
  • Contacts +3
  • Deceive +3
  • Physique +1
  • Hack +2
  • Investigate +4
  • Notice +2
  • Shoot +2
  • Stealth +1
  • Will +1


  • One Person, Many Faces: Whenever they meet someone new, they can spend a fate point in order to declare that they’ve met that person before, but under a different name and identity. Create a situation aspect to represent the cover story, and they can use Deceive in place of Rapport whenever interacting with that person.
  • Attention to Detail: They can use Investigate instead of Empathy in order to defend against attempts to use Deceive against them.
  • Flesh Pocket: Can store a small object, usually keeps an electrolaser pistol there.

Siegfried/Sieglinde Adler

Born in 2055 in Germany, killed in 2099 and turned into a ghost inhabiting the necromorph bioshell of its old body.

Sigi Adler

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